Eva Vida

EvaVida18 (876x1280)Hailing from Hungary, Eva Vida, who also sometimes performed under the name Eva Vidos, graduated from the Budapest School of Circus Arts in 1959. She integrated her experience in ballet with wonderful skills that included five balls with pocket catches, a six ring color change, a five club act that included juggling four with another balanced on her head as well as five under both legs, three umbrellas, and six rings with a forehead balance. She was the co-winner of the Rastelli competition in 1973 and was the only woman to ever take home that prize. She retired to Vienna, Austria and passed away in 2015.

EvaVidaClubsThese are Eva Vida’s amazing plush clubs with mother of pearl handles and rhinestone decorations. Donated by Eva Vida.

EvaVidaRingsThese are Eva Vida’s color change rings. Donated by Eva Vida.