There are three primary ways that you can help support this project.

First, you can donate props that you feel would be appropriate for the collection. As I stated elsewhere on this site, I’m mainly looking for props that are old, rare, innovative, belonged to famous jugglers, or were used in some historical context (world record or important competition). If you have any questions about if a prop may be appropriate, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Secondly, you can pass along leads to others who might have props for the exhibit. These referrals have been the key to many of the props I’ve acquired. If you know someone who has a historical juggling prop, I’d encourage you to pass that information along to me as well as telling them about this website and project.

Finally, many have asked if they can support this project financially. There are many props that I have only found available for sale. Some I’ve been able to afford but many I have not. Any money donated will go directly toward purchasing props for the collection. If you’d like, I will even credit you as the sponsor for the purchase of that item. If you’d like to support this project financially, please email me and I can instruct you on ways of doing so.

I want to thank the many, many jugglers who have supported this project already and look forward to partnering with many more of you.