Wish List

We are interested in props from many different jugglers, but we are especially wanting to acquire props from any of the following jugglers.

Enrico Rastelli * Paul Cinquevalli * Felix Adanos

Jenny Jaeger * John Breen * Rudenko Brothers

Edoardo Raspini * William Everhart * Gypsy Gruss

Albert Petrovski * Sorin Munteanu * Jack Bremlov * Serge Flash

Gaston Palmer * Paolo Bedini * Paolo Piletto  * Eduard Abert

Paul Conchas * Paul Spadoni * Stetson * Gintaro

Nikolai Gerasimov

We are waiting on props from the following juggling legends and stars to arrive:

 Angel Bojilov * Duo Ignatov

There are other items that we are especially looking for to fill out the collection. They include the following items.

A Renegade missile club.

A Stu Raynolds Truzzi bulb club.

Clubs made by Ira Mullin.

A Freaks Unlimited Jester club

Freaks Unlimited Jester Clubs