Juggling History Books

David Cain has written 7 juggling history books (3 in 2016 and 4 in 2017) and is already at work writing more. Scott Cain, the assistant curator of the museum, has also written a juggling history book – a biography of Trixie LaRue. You can order these books by emailing David Cain at davidcainjuggler@hotmail.com and can learn more about them below. They are $15.00 each plus shipping.

GFJCover2This book provides biographies of 27 great women jugglers of the past and includes almost 200 photos.

RHGJVol1Cover(1)This book includes detailed biographies of 14 great jugglers or juggling acts that have been mostly forgotten until recently. These acts are The Breens, Richard Eckert, Bert Holt, Bobby Jule, Frank Le Dent, Ferry Mader, The Mowatts, Joseph Rosani, Stetson, John P. Thomas, Woodrow, Youna, Ollie Young, and Zarmo. This book includes numerous never before published photos that help bring these amazing jugglers to life.

RHGJVol2CoverThis book includes biographies of 12 famous jugglers or juggling acts that haven’t been written about in great detail before. These jugglers are Felix Adanos, Rudy Cardenas, Gil Dova, William Everhart, Alexander Kiss, Italo Medini, Ernest Montego, Edoardo Raspini, The Reverhos Trio, The Rudenko Brothers, Salerno, and Massimiliano Truzzi. The book features numerous photos, including many that have never been published before.

JPAH1Cover-page-001This is the first book to examine the history of juggling props. Volume 1 examines the history of balls, rings, and clubs.
JPAH2Cover-page-001This book examines forgotten juggling props of the past, the earliest known juggling prop catalogs, and the history of mass marketed juggling sets.
UJHCover1-page-001This book details “Juggling Firsts”, many of the greatest juggling tricks of all time, and the history of various forms of juggling.
UJHCover2-page-001This book examines the history of different types of juggling and juggling tricks.
TrixieBookCover-page-001This book examines the life of Trixie, one of the greatest jugglers and ice skating performers who ever lived. Enjoy over 120 photos and many never before shared stories and insights about this juggling legend.