Anthony Gatto

Anthony Gatto (born Anthony Commarota in 1973) is considered by many to be the greatest toss juggler of all time. He was the first juggler in history to qualify 8 clubs. He also has world records for 7-12 rings, 6-7 clubs, and 7-9 balls. In 2000, Anthony became the first juggler to ever win the top prize at the prestigious International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo.

This is one of Anthony Gatto’s first clubs, made by Nick Gatto when Anthony was around 5 years old. Circa 1978. Donated by Anthony Gatto.

This is an Anthony Gatto 85mm performance club made by Renegade Juggling, which was established in Santa Cruz, California, USA in 1982. Donated by Anthony Gatto.

This is an 1980’s Anthony Gatto 95mm performance club made by Renegade Juggling. Donated by Tom Kidwell of Renegade Juggling.

GattoRedBallThis is a signed Anthony Gatto rhythmic gymnastics ball that he juggled at the opening of La Nouba, the Cirque Du Soleil show he starred in for many years. Donated by Erik Aberg.

GattoRingThis is an Anthony Gatto ring from his time with Cirque Du Soleil. Donated by Erik Aberg.

GattoTorchThis is an Anthony Gatto performance torch. Donated by Erik Aberg.

GattoSmallBallThis is a signed Anthony Gatto performance ball from his time with V: The Ultimate Variety Show – Aladdin Hotel Casino, Las Vegas. Purchased by David Cain