Otto Maurer Props From The 1800s

The museum houses quite a number of props from the 1800s, including many Van Wyck clubs and other Van Wyck props, such as those belonging to Billy Tirko. However, in 2021, the museum acquired a collection of props made by Otto Maurer in the 1890s. The juggler to whom the props belonged is unknown, but they are among the oldest known juggling props still in existence today. David Cain purchased the entire collection for the museum. You can learn more about all of these props by clicking here.

These are the oldest known juggling rings in existence.

This is the only known juggling / balance whip in existence.

This is one of the only cup sticks still known to exist.

These are Otto Maurer knives and accessories.

These are Otto Mauer brass spinning bowls and sticks.

These are Otto Maurer snooker balls.

These are Otto Maurer brass balls.

These are Otto Maurer aluminum balls.

These are Otto Maurer metal plates.

This is a wooden ring for rolling on a parasol or fan.

This is a rubber ring for rolling on a parasol or fan.

This is one of only two juggling / balancing pipes still known to exist.

This is an accessory for the spinning card balance trick.