Rudy Cardenas

Rudy Cardenas, the incredible Mexican juggler, was born in 1931 and started his performing career around 1934. By the age of seven he could perform 5 balls and 5 bell sticks, such as the one in the collection pictured below. He was known as the Little Rastelli. He had a wonderful and long performing career all over the world.

This is a juggling stick that belonged to Rudy Cardenas. This stick is from the late 1960’s. Donated by John McPeak.

CardenasHatThis is a Rudy Cardenas top hat. Donated by Paul Bachman.

CardenasCupThis is a Rudy Cardenas shaker cup. Donated by John McPeak.

FranciscoAlvarezBallThis is a Rudy Cardenas head bounce and juggling ball. Donated by John McPeak.