Massimiliano Truzzi

PIC_0122Massimiliano Truzzi (1903-1974) was a Russian / Italian juggler born in Poland. He was a student of Enrico Rastelli and became one of the greatest jugglers of all time. He performed many amazing feats with clubs, torches, balls, balancing tricks, plates, fish bowls, and mouth sticks. He is one of only three jugglers, along with Francis Brunn and Lottie Brunn, that has been inducted into the International Circus Hall of Fame.

TruzziClubsThese are Massimiliano Truzzi’s performance clubs. On long-term loan from the Truzzi Family.

TruzziStickThis is one of Massimiliano Truzzi’s performance sticks that he used in his three stick act. Donated by Cindy Marvell.

TruzziPracticeClubsThese are Massimiliano Truzzi’s practice clubs. On long-term loan from the Truzzi Family.

TruzziBallThis is a Massimiliano Truzzi performance ball. On long term loan from the Truzzi Family.