Lou Folds

Lou Folds (2)Lou Folds juggled in numerous ice skating venues in the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. These included appearances at the Iceland Restaurant in NYC (1946), Gay Paree ice revue at Roxy Theater in NYC (1953), The Latin Quarter in Boston (1953), Carnival on Ice (1955), Ice Silhouettes (1958), Icetime of 1948 (1947 – 1948), Adventures On Ice (1962), and Ice Royals (1965). Lou was a versatile juggler, and was famous for performing wearing a cape, from which he would produce his previously unseen props. He juggled a huge variety of props, including clubs, castanets, plates, musical instruments, and balls. He also performed a trick on ice where he bounced balls off a drum while blindfolded.

LouFoldsShakerCupThis is one of Lou Folds’ shaker cups. Acquired as part of the Paul Bachman Collection.