Charles Carrer

CharlesCarrerNewCupSaucerCharles Carrer (October 12, 1898 – December 25, 1971) was born in Zurich, Switzerland as Karl Karrer. Carrer took up juggling as a way to strengthen his eye muscles after suffering eye strain while working at a factory. He was billed as “The Swiss Juggler” and “The King of Jugglers”. He was also known as “Oh Boy Charlie” as he often said, “Oh Boy” during his act. He became a star on vaudeville and appeared in two feature films, Du Barry Did All Right (appearing as a waiter who juggles wine glasses and bottles) and Dexterity, both in 1937. He married magician and juggler Dell O’Dell and performed with her for many years.

IMG_1040These are Charles Carrer’s cup and saucer. Purchased by David Cain from Michael Claxton.