Francis Brunn

Francis Brunn (1922-2004) remains one of the most iconic jugglers of all time. His incredible speed, amazing ball spinning and manipulation skills, and original combination tricks, such as the Brunn Finish pictured above, made him a superstar among variety artists for over fifty years. Combining his unmatched juggling skills with flamenco dance, Brunn was a true artist.

These are two rings that Francis Brunn used in his Brunn Finish combination trick. They can be seen in the picture above being juggling in his left hand. Donated by Nathalie Enterline.

This a vinyl ball used by Francis in the Brunn Finish. It was spun on his mouth stick and can be seen in the video below. Donated by Nathalie Enterline.

This is a wooden ball pedestal used by Francis in his famous mouth stick routine. Donated by Nathalie Enterline.

francisbrunnspinningballThis is one of Francis Brunn’s spinning balls. Acquired as part of the Paul Bachman Collection.